HISTORY: 1975 - 1980

1975: Tanglaw's First Light
Another prayer was answered when the Tagalog program was first aired in August, 1975. The name Tanglaw sa Landas ng Buhay (Light in The Path of Life) was chosen form the numerous suggestions sent by listeners.

Desiring a more personal relationship with the program's regular listeners, the Tanglaw staff began their visitation program. A visit included a short Bible Study and prayers for each person's needs. Many unsaved relatives came to know the Lord through this new ministry.

1977: The Ministry Thrives
Because of these new programs, listener response significantly increased.

It was necessary to rent office space in a nearby commercial building. Soon afterward, the Caloocan Bible Church helped share its facilities for the ministry's brodcast efforts.

After nine years in the building along MacArthur Highway in Grace Park (Caloocan City), it was necessary to relocate the office in larger quarters. Thus, the office was re-located to Mandaluyong.

By this time, the radio network carrying the Back to the Bible broadcast had expanded to 37 stations. The Correspondence School had also distributed Bible study materials to more than 25,000 new contacts each year.

Due to spiraling rent costs, it became necessary to relocate the office again.

In 1976, The Lord provided a building on a small lot in Quezon City. Renovation and remodeling of the building was completed in 1977. The building was dedicated on March 22.

1978: Masayang Tahanan Opens Its Doors
The staff also became sensitive to the numerous queries of husbands and wives regarding home and family concerns.

Responding to this expressed need, the program Masayang Tahanan (Happy Home) was added to the ministry's weekly broadcast schedule on April 1978.

Masayang Tahanan is a weekly 30-minute Tagalog program heard every Saturday over several FEBC radio stations. Mrs. Esther Calica was Masayang Tahanan's first program host from 1978 until 1995.

1980: A Prequel to Disaster
This building housed the accounting office, counseling departments, the correspondence school, the chapel, lounge, dubbing room, stockroom, literature department and the bookstore.

Plans for a modern recording studio were in the works.

Then everything changed in just one and one-half hours!

HISTORY: 1980 - The 21st Century