HISTORY: 1948 - 1960

The ministry of Back to the Bible in the Philippines began with the release of the 30-minute English language broadcast over radio station KZAS Manila (now DZAS), June 5, 1948. It was one of the first programs of the Far East Broadcasting Company, which went on the air just a day before.

1950: The Manila Office Opens
A few years later, a chief engineer from Back to the Bible - USA visited the Philippines in 1956 and suggested that a branch office be opened in Manila to follow up on radio listeners' request.

The Manila office became a reality on June 15, 1957 when Rev. Howard and Virginia Eppler opened an office right in their living room.

They also rented the Post Office Box number 1750 which remains as the office's mailing address to this day. Letters started pouring in and the Epplers attended to each listener's needs.

1957 - 1959: The Broadcast Expands
Wanting to reach a wider audience, the Epplers negotiated with the commercial radio station. In November 1957, the Republic Broadcasting System began airing Back to the Bible program on their stations in Quezon City and Cebu City.

In 1958, a new station in Iloilo City also began airing the radio programs. The next year, another station in Naga and in the University of Mindanao in Davao City started carrying the programs.

In 1959, DXMC in Cotabato City and a station run by the Philippine Constabulary in Jolo joined efforts to reach a wider audience.

1959: The Correspondence School
In 1959, the Correspondence School of Back to the Bible was introduced to the listeners. In the year that followed, more than 2,000 new students requested study materials of different courses.

Today, graduates of the Correspondence School use these courses in their own personal ministry.

1960: The Counseling Ministry
The counseling ministry began when several listeners and Correspondence School students began sharing their problems and sought advice from the ministry.

Mr. Eppler and the staff took time to pray for each of them and also wrote to counsel them from God's Word.

In 1968, the office employed its first full-time counselor -- Ptr. Fortunato Gonzal.


HISTORY: 1975 - 1980