with Dr. Woodrow Kroll


  The Back to the Bible English Broadcast, a 30-minute weekday program featuring practical Bible teachings from Back to the Bible president Dr. Woodrow Kroll.

It is aired over eight stations all over the country.


  864 DWSI - Santiago, Isabela - 8:30 PM
702 DZAS - Metro Manila / Luzon - 8:00 PM
98.7 DYFR-FM - Cebu City - 6:00 AM
1233 DYVS - Bacolod City - 8:00 PM
1116 DXAS - Zamboanga City - 8:00 PM
1197 DXFE - Davao City - 7:30 PM
1062 DXKI - South Cotabato - 8:00 PM

Girlie, a listener from Tablon, Cagayan De Oro City writes:

Every time I listen to Dr. Kroll’s program and hear the musical score, I reminisce the time when I was a child playing outside the house. I’ve been hearing that same opening music for the Back to the Bible broadcast even when I was still an unbeliever. Now, I’m in my mid-forties and a Christian, I still enjoy that music! Every topic, challenge and interview gives me a lot of encouragement. God bless you for reaching out to the world for the love of God.

Another listener from Bamban, Tarlac has this to say:

I continue to grow spiritually even at the age of 79 as I gain deeper insights into the Word through your broadcast. Thank you so much for Dr. Woodrow Kroll’s preaching on the Word because they are gems of truth -- golden nuggets that make life worth living for Christ.