I Live To Praise God!

A Testimony by Rev. Willie Basilio

The morning of January 30, 2011 was just one ordinary Sunday for me. But before that day ended, I was rushed to the Marikina  Valley Medical  Center for an emergency CT Scan 1 for a blood clot and swelling that was affecting my brain.

Later, I was admitted to the St. Luke’s Medical Center’s Acute Stroke Unit for a CT Scan 2. During my stay at the hospital for 12 days, I was totally dependent on the Lord. I entrusted everything to Him – my life, my family, my church and my ministry. I trusted in what God was doing in me at that time because I knew it was for a purpose.

During the time that I was in both hospitals, I never had thoughts of dying. God made me feel that I was going to live through this ordeal and that I would come back for my wife Edna, to my family, my church and my ministry. It was a very peaceful experience. I realized that my recovery would be a display of His greatness!

After my CT Scan 3 exam, I began thinking about the cost being incurred by my family for my rehabilitation. It was time for me to trust the Lord again for His financial provisions. As He has supplied me in my ministry, I knew He would continually extend His gracious hand in my moment of need.

The Lord  used many and various people as channels of His blessings – my church, friends from abroad, listeners of DZAS, private groups and even other churches.

Looking back at that incident in my life, I realized so many things. I began to be a good steward not only of my time and ministry but also of the body that the Lord has given me. After all, we are not just spirits but also physical beings. If I am to serve my church and my family effectively, I need to be healthy both in mind and spirit.

Every day I live is enough reason for me to praise God. And it’s only because He protects us from harm or sickness — God continuously works wonders in our lives by granting us another day to love our family, our friends, our countrymen and people who still need to hear the Gospel message.

I live – we all live – to praise God!


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