We are living in a time of unprecedented opportunities to reach the world for Christ. Never have so many avenues for sharing the Gospel been open to so many people.

Since 1939, the ministry has been committed to reaching the world for Christ.

Now, the use of audio and video technology plus the tremendous power of the Internet puts Bible teaching resources at the fingertips of billions of people.

Today, Back to the Bible has a potential worldwide audience of 3.5 billion or 56% of the world’s population.

It has 64 unique radio programs hosted by 50 Bible teachers broadcasting in 22 languages from more than a dozen international offices.

Back to the Bible has also equipped more than 6,500 Bible school students through the International Scholarship Fund and has given financial support to thousands of Christian workers around the world since 1939.

As you read, we hope you will be uplifted by what God is doing.

We pray that your faith will be encouraged by the testimonies of people everywhere whose lives are being transformed by the power of the Gospel.

From the teeming cities of Europe and North America to the rain forest of the Amazon, Asia and Africa, from distant deserts to remote islands, Back to the Bible radio broadcasts and services are connecting the world to Christ.